‘Claudio’s opera course is nothing like the run of the mill introductory courses that are the usual fare. He offers bespoke top-of-the-range teaching in terms of content, delivery, insightfulness, and yes, fun!  Claudio’s knowledge of opera is impressively encyclopaedic –  from the technical aspects of each type of voice (known as ‘Fach’); the artistic and musical merits of individual operas; the staging; through to the historic and cultural context of each genre, opera or even individual aria. He is wickedly intelligent and warm; he enthusiastically embraces all questions, no matter how random or ignorant; and throws in a judicious amount of salacious insider gossip, to further pique one’s interest. I can’t recommend this course more highly. It was a joy to attend and my Saturday mornings seem far less exciting now the lessons have ended and I can no longer watch and discuss sublime opera with a wonderful and generous teacher.’

Jill Kwan
Equity and capital markets regulator


‘Extremely enjoyable and instructive. Claudio’s passion for opera shines through every single lesson.’

Fatima McCallum
Global Asset Manager


‘Very interesting, interactive and lively lessons. Claudio has a comprehensive knowledge of opera and as an aficionado he deeply shares his passion with his students.’

Anne Le Gall


I left Claudio’s session feeling I knew more about opera than when I arrived which was nought and liked knowing the plot in detail before the performance. The handouts were very thorough. It was lovely being in the opera house later that day with a full view of the orchestra.

Samantha, member of the LLC.